8. They don’t let you search on your own

8. They don’t let you search on your own

If you are thinking of signing up for a paid subscription with eHarmony, we would strongly recommend two things. One, keep an eye on your subscription’s expiration date. Two, decide well in advance whether you are going to renew or not. Those people who forget when their subscription expires or try to disable the auto-renewal feature at the last minute usually end up having to jump through all kinds of hoops to get their money back.

eHarmony is so sure about their matching formula that they insist on letting you view only those people they consider a possible match for you. You tell them your personality traits, and then they generate matches for you based on your input. Trina of Salt Lake City, Utah, complained about this feature via ConsumerAffairs:

“You can’t go in and search on your own. They recommend that you lower your expectations in a match and settle for what they want to send your way.”

If you are looking for a service where dating prospects come to you and have a better-than-average chance of matching you, then eHarmony could be the right fit for you. If you want to search for potential dates the way you would shop for a new sweater on Amazon, with full control over search criteria and the ability to filter search results, you probably want something like Zoosk, Match, or OKCupid.

9. Some members experience low numbers of matches.

Sometimes there just isn’t a good match for your personality and preferences on eHarmony. This could be because you are especially unique. It could also be because you live an area with fewer eHarmony members. Justin of Lakeport, California, had this to say on ConsumerAffairs about his shortage of viable matches:

“The vast majority of ‘highly compatible’ matches lived much too far away to be a reasonable dating prospect. And among those who lived within a ‘reasonable’ distance, the majority had been inactive for more than a month.”

Geographic distances can be a big challenge for online daters anywhere, but especially for those who live in rural areas or places where Internet usage is low. If you live in one of these areas, you should take this factor into consideration before you sign on with eHarmony or any other online dating service.

If you live in a highly populated area with average or better Internet usage and you still get slim pickings in the match department, you will likely be one of those unfortunate eHarmony members who are forced to play with their personality and preferences inputs in hopes of getting more matches. Honestly speaking, this seems like the opposite of what eHarmony promises. These members essentially change who they are, instead of being matched with someone who fits them as they are.

10. Some members experience bad matches.

eHarmony makes a big deal about its matching formula. It’s in all their commercials and pretty much every page on their site. But sometimes that formula fails.

Many eHarmony members have complained about getting served matches that range anywhere from “Really?” to “I wish I could un-see that!” Carolyn of Franklin, Tennessee, writes in ConsumerAffairs:

“I have been surprisingly disappointed in this service’s matching capabilities. The matches I found. either lacked a completed profile or seemed ill-matched personalities. Almost every week I could count about a dozen matches that lacked pictures, which indicated laziness or indifference. Others managed to show their faces but filled out less than half the questions. What good is that? As for the rest, who had the sense to do the work, I saw little compatibility or matching interests on our profiles https://besthookupwebsites.org/hornet-review/. Even when I (as a halfway attractive woman) reached out and contacted more promising matches, I was lucky to hear back from half.”

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