The new Senate Panel toward Authorities Affairs while the Domestic Panel on Authorities Change is actually samples of an effective

The new Senate Panel toward Authorities Affairs while the Domestic Panel on Authorities Change is actually samples of an effective

10. ______ is the formal label getting legislative oversight. a. Administrative rulemaking b. Manager privilege c. Adjudication d. Legislative feedback

11. ______ work on dollars data and progressive alter yearly. amittees to the regulators businesses b. Authorizing committees c. Appropriations committees d. Government committees

A grade drop-off

thirteen. Manager right reach become popular inside ______ administration. a beneficial. Clinton b. Nixon c. George W. Bush d. Ford

fourteen. Congressional teams ______ off 1965 in order to 2009. good. twofold b. tripled c. try faster in two d. existed a similar

15. Brand new ______ is Congress’s chief arm to own examining the results from authorities programs. a beneficial. Home Panel into the Regulators Change b. Treasury Service c. Senate Committee towards Government Items d. GAO

sixteen. Outputs, show, customer support, quality, and you may consequences are criteria to have bodies businesses according to the a. Budget and you may Bookkeeping Operate. bpetition and you will Employing Work. c. Regulators Overall performance and you can Results Act. d. rules of one’s Senate Panel on Government Issues.

17. According to the Constitution, all of the after the keep genuine Except an effective. Congress helps make statutes. b. Congress creates the new bureaucracy and you may authorizes software and you may system directors. c. Congress appropriates fund having programs in the federal bureaucracy. d. Congress vigilantly executes laws and regulations.

21. An effective citizen’s share when you look at the confidentiality off personal information must be healthy resistant to the mans straight to understand for them to engage during the popular regulators. good. Genuine b. Untrue

twenty two. The federal government Abilities and you will Efficiency Operate have somewhat altered the new towel regarding congressional supervision by the requiring one firms improve number and the standard of everything they give you to help you Congress. an excellent. True b. False

Predicated on Francis E

16. Area of the areas of bureaucratic responsibility was a beneficial. federalism and you can ethical conclusion. b. regulators of the proxy and you may breakup regarding powers. c. legislative review and you will regulators because of the proxy. d. liability and you may moral conclusion.

16. New American bodies is amongst the _______ of one’s industrialized countries around the world. A minuscule b. premier c. strongest d. weakest

fifteen. Previous federal government expenses is actually an excellent. give all over of many groups. B focused among a number of categories. c. generally used on foreign aid and you may security. d. concerned about the direct birth away from features.

step 1. The following are part of the entire administrative puzzles you to Western authorities spends to solve new problems caused by coordination But an excellent. interagency argument. b. representativeness. c. interagency dexterity. d. character from staff for the supporting and you can dealing with working items.

step 1. Brand new present answers to societal government reform matter the fresh bureaucratic orthodoxy considering good. downsizing. b. authority and you can steps. c. persisted upgrade. d. reengineering.

step three. ______ can occur when regulators enterprises just be sure to look for high classifications having established positions. a beneficial. Amount creep b. Decrease in effect c. Buyout d.

4. Based on Terry Moe there is a great mismatch between the public’s _____and you may ________which results in a lot more political appointments. a beneficial. expectations of a president; the latest minimal resources offered b. attention to politics; versatile divisions c. persistence which have politics; nonprofit gurus d. eyes to possess bodies; state-top staffers

step 3. Rourke, societal support for a keen agency’s decision usually originates from one or two various other present; an agency’s ______ and you may ________. good. bulk public; attentive publics b. values; suggestions c. constituents; finances d. politics; voting cut off

3. The fresh Congressional Budget Office prices you to definitely between 2009 and you may 2020 new government obligations belonging to the general public since the a percentage of your full discount usually an excellent. improve. b. elizabeth. d. getting irrelevant.

5. Government entities dangers compromising handle, responsiveness, and frequently top quality when it hinges on ______ for program execution. an effective. backward mapping b. whistle-blowers c. proxies d. congressional employees

8. Regulatory government revolves around most of the following the head philosophy Except an excellent. voice choices. b. proceeding fairness. c. pricing decreases. d. plan conclusion.

nine. ______ try with the authorities agencies’ shelter out-of personal data eg individuals’ tax returns. a beneficial. Management confidentiality b. Legislative review c. Performance-built information d. Manager advantage

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